Our Daily Routine

On Arrival:

Parents are requested to apply sunscreen on their child before/on arrival. When signing in, the responsible adult must:

Confirm that sunscreen has been applied

Nominate your child’s pick up person

Please advise your teacher if your child is currently taking any medication or if there is anything else that may be important for your teacher to be aware of during the day.

Daily Routine:

8.20am Arrival at Kindergarten. Greet teachers, place photo on board, sit on the mat. Morning group time.

8.40am Outdoor play learning experiences

10.10am Pack up time, everybody taking equipment into the shed. We let our bodies cool down with rhymes/songs and a drink of water. Transition inside for morning tea.

10.20am Morning tea. The children collect their food from the fridge and select snack items for morning tea.

10.30am Indoor learning activities.

11.50am Pack up time.

12.00pm Group session. Recapping the morning’s learning/interest through literacy/numeracy/music/movement. Make our beds, transition into lunch.

12.45pm Rest time, a time to recall, relax, prepare for ongoing learning experiences.

1.30pm Put beds away, quiet activities, intentional teaching activities.

2.15pm Pack up time. Whole group session to recap the day.

2.30pm Parents/families collect children. 

(Please Note: The routine is a guide only as we provide a child-centred, play based program.  This means we are following the children’s interests and needs each day and the program changes accordingly.)

On Departure:

When collecting children, please ensure:

You sign your child out

You review the comments that describe your child’s day

Please double check your child has not left anything behind (eg. water bottle)

You check your family pigeon hole for any important notices

/out Sheets

All parents/families must sign their child in each morning and sign them out each afternoon. This is a legal requirement and it is a part of our legal obligations in regards to licensing and also fire safety. The sign-in book is the roll we have to use to check off the children in a fire evacuation, and if it is incomplete, we are not able to legally account for all members of the class.