Our Classes

Our teachers maintain a portfolio for each child as a tool to monitor progress throughout the year, and to provide a precious keepsake for families upon graduation.

Portfolios contain paintings, games planning sketches, writing development plus photos. We invite all parents to review and input their comments and feelings into their child’s portfolio which connects them to their child’s learning.

Class Group Days of attendance Times
Unit A - Long Day Kindy Aliqua (Latin "education") 5 Days per week available - ask us for more details Thursday and Friday 8.00am - 5.30pm
Unit B - Traditional Kindy Tamminya - (Aboriginal "love") Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays 8.20am - 2.30pm
Barhane - (Hindi "grow") Thursday, Friday and alternate Wednesdays 8.20am - 2.30pm
Junior Kindy Group 3 year old children Tuesday 8.20am – 2.40pm