Our Strategic Plan

Our Vision:​

To be a leading Early Education service for our local community that provides children with a strong sense of belonging through Nurturing, Education and Growth.

Mission Statement:

We provide excellence in care and education and work in partnership with parents and our community to establish strong moral values and a passion for lifelong learning.

Children will learn best when they feel safe, secure and valued. This is why we teach and encourage children to build socially and emotionally strong minds and bodies. Fostering strong connections with our community will allow us to support the diverse needs and values which are unique to our Kindergarten.


Our Values:​

We respond to children’s diverse learning needs and work in collaboration with families and professionals to set suitable learning challenges. We aim to overcome potential barriers to learning and assessment for each individual in our care.


We value the diversity of our community and will include and support the additional needs of all the learners and their families.

Communication and Collaboration

We strive to provide a rich environment for nurturing strong relationships through communication and collaboration with families and the wider community.


We have a commitment to providing high quality education and care. We aim to continuously improve our practice.