Our Daily Routine

Upon Arrival:

Families are to sign in on the iPad and ensure children have had sunscreen applied. Families are to support the children with unpacking belongings, for example, lunchboxes and drink bottles and placing bags in lockers. Children put their hats on before heading to play outdoors. 

Daily Routine:

8 am – Koalas 

9 am – Kookaburras 

Arrival at Kindergarten. Greet Teachers 

9 am till 10 am – outdoor learning experiences 

10 am – Morning group time – children gather on picnic mat outdoors. Acknowledgement of Country and welcome songs are sung at this time. 

10.15 am – Morning tea – children wash their hands and collect their food from the fridge. Children choose which snacks they will eat.
10.40 am – Group time – children gather on an indoor mat for a story session and games.  

11.00 am till 12pm – Indoor learning activities 

12 pm – 12.30 – Pack up indoor space. Music and Movement session. 

12.30 – Lunch 

1.00 pm -1.30 pm – Rest and relaxation time. A  time for children to rest, relax and recharge for ongoing learning experiences. 

1.30 pm -2 pm – Pack up time, beds away, children pack bags and belongings and gather on the mat for goodbye time.  Discussion of the day’s activities and a goodbye song is sung before children leave for the day (Kookaburras) 

2 pm – 3 pm – Indoor activity time/ culminating activities (Koalas) 

3 pm – Afternoon tea and outdoor play (Koalas) 

3.45 pm – 4 pm – Packing bags and belongings, goodbye song before children leave for the day (Koalas).  

(Please Note: The routine is a guide only as we provide a child-centered, play based program.  This means we are following the children’s interests and needs each day and the program changes accordingly.) 

Upon Departure:
  • Sign your child out on the iPad. 
  • Talk with your child’s teacher about their day 
  • Make sure you have all your child’s belongings before leaving eg drink bottles.  
Signing in and out using Xap 

All families must sign in each morning and sign out each afternoon. It is a legal requirement and is part of our legal obligations for licensing and overall safety of all children. At Upper Mt Gravatt we use the platform Xap to manage all children’s attendance requirementsIt is also used for managing enrolment information, waiting lists and absences You will be set up with a Xap account upon enrolment.