School Readiness Program

Prep Readiness – From the start of the kindy year our teachers instil the importance of learning self-care – a vital skill for prep.

Many parents and local primary schools have reported that our students arrive at prep confident, capable of looking after themselves, and undaunted when given tasks by their teachers.

Ways we prepare for Prep:

  • Creating a habit of regularly self-applying sunscreen and always wearing a hat
  • Correct bathroom hygiene
  • Opening own lunchboxes and tidying up after eating
  • Children are responsible for their belongings such as storage and access of their lunch box, drink bottle, hat, sheets
  • Children are empowered to feed themselves at meal times from their own lunch boxes
  • Children are encouraged to follow correct bathroom hygiene and can do so independently before they leave Kindergarten
  • Children help to plan their day during daily morning circle times
  • Children are encouraged to make their own choices throughout the day
  • Children are taught how to make good and fair choices in all situations
  • Children are responsible for toys and materials that they are using or for their requested experiences
  • Children are encouraged to tidy up after themselves
  • Children are taught to make healthy food choices in life
  • Children are taught sun safety and to wear their hat when outdoors at all times
  • Children are encouraged to learn basic numeracy and literacy skills through enjoyable intentional and spontaneous learning experiences on a daily basis
  • Children receive a transition statement (progress report) which captures their development across all areas and which can be shared with their Prep Teacher prior to their commencement at school
  • Staff liaise with Prep Teachers prior to children commencing Prep if requested by the Parent or School (note this is provided on parent consent only)

Inclusion Support Services

We offer great Inclusion Support for children with special needs like: Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Cerebral Palsy and Global Developmental Delay – for more information please watch the video below.